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Our world leading country experts all have more than a decade of on-the-ground experience and are able to map out stakeholders, public and elite perceptions as well as pick up the phone to speak to those people whose decisions and opinions matter.

We provide political risk reports on a weekly and monthly basis to our clients based on a diverse range of interconnected risk domains. We have developed a formula to measure risks based on a variety of unique factors to draw a more comprehensive picture of stability in the country at hand.

Since 2019 we have built an extensive data base of political risk intelligence for the countries we monitor. With more than 150,000 words of regular reports being produced each month, we have been able to triangulate data effectively to help our process of trend and scenario analysis.

We have placed scenario planning at the heart of every report we develop. Instead of merely analysing and qualifying current events, we invest a lot of time developing scenarios for how events in the international, political, societal, economic and information domain are likely or even unlikely to further develop.

Our geo-strategic pre- and post-mortem analyses of regional affairs thereby become powerful tools to stress test country strategies and policies in face of constant multi-domain challenges. The bespoke reports that we have designed around these tools allowed our clients to get a more holistic understanding of the probable futures ahead.

  • Multi-domain Country Risk Reports

  • Problem-specific Country Risk Reports

  • Bespoke Scenario Planning

  • Geo-Strategic Foresight And Future Planning

  • Pre- and Post-mortem Scenario Stress Testing

  • Due Diligence Reports

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